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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tips on Choosing / Buying a New Laptop

 Plan to Buy New Laptop !!! Confused ??? read this to get  solution

How to choose a laptop as needed ? First read about Laptop Review of the Year , Top Bran Laptop and Check out some quick tips below:

First determine its usefulness, whether the laptop will be used to design and gaming, to develop the system, or mobile.

- If the laptop is used for the purpose of design and gaming, should you choose the specifications of the laptop with an emphasis on the Screen Size, VGA card (Video Graphics Array) and a reliable memory. If you want a laptop with a higher capacity, choose a multi-core technology and 64-bit architecture is highly recommended. For the use of  Design Graphic or Gaming, you should choose a laptop with a VGA high-power and memory (RAM) is large in order to design and game play feels more 'light'.

Screen size, This is probably one of the most important factors (apart from processor and memory) which should be kept in mind while choosing a laptop. If you are used to having a large monitor for your desktop PC, choosing a fairly large screen size for your laptop becomes even more necessary. The standard screen size of laptops these days is 15" but there are larger sizes available as well. Companies like Dell even offer 19" and 20" screen sizes for certain models. Then, there are wide-screen monitors available for laptops these days. These are especially beneficial if you like to watch movies on your laptop of if you frequently use many applications side by side.

- For developing, usually develop needed software that requires high resource. You can choose to consider a laptop with a Processor and Memory with high specification in order to balance the development of software and developing tools that will come. Multi-core technology and 64-bit architectures are also recommended.

Now, memory is one thing which is never enough. The more you have, the better it is because it is the one thing (after the system processor) which would determine how fast and efficiently your work gets done. Most systems these days come pre-loaded with 2GB of RAM but make sure you can upgrade it later. Also, it is beneficial to know how much maximum amount of memory the laptop supports so that you don't have to go through trouble when you do plan to upgrade the memory.

- For the mobile, you can emphasize the choice of battery life, laptop weight, screen size, as well as some internal features such as wifi connectivity, bluetooth, IrDA, NetworkCard, Modem.

Pick up the laptop physically in your hand to know that you are comfortable with its weight. Also, make sure that it is sturdy, solid and does not feel too heavy. Also, if possible try out the keyboard. This is quite important since you cannot change the keyboard later (unlike in a desktop), so it helps in trying out the keyboard before you actually buy the laptop.

Choose a laptop which has many expansion options. Make sure the laptop you buy has got atleast 3-4 USB2 connections and atleast one Firewire (IEEE 1394) port. USB2 and Firewire are a couple of very popular ways of connecting various devices to a laptop/desktop like digital cameras, mp3 players, cell phones, etc.

With the advent of wireless networks, it has become almost a necessity that the laptop that you buy has built-in Wi-Fi facility which will help you to surf the web once you are in a Wi-Fi enabled zone. A wireless network card, also called the 802.11 will free you from having to be wired all the time to connect to the internet. It is also beneficial to check whether the laptop has Bluetooth capability or not.

Battery This might not seem as important as other points but you will surely want to look for a laptop which gives you decent to good battery life. A battery that lasts in the long run will help you once you are mobile. If you want to use your laptop for a long duration of time away from a power source, make sure that your laptop has a battery which lasts really long. Battery life also worthy of consideration. Generally the laptop battery can last at least 2 to 3 hours without being connected to the adapter. If you want to conserve battery life, turn off functions such as WiFi or Bluetooth because these functions will increase battery consumption.

Consider after-sales service, Before buying a laptop, do not forget to consider the after sales service from service outlets (many or not easily accessible or not), availability of spare parts and resale price.

Do not choose a laptop spare parts it is difficult to find.
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bangjal dua tiga said...

nice tips kawan.. lanjutkan.. gan

Fix Print Head said...

Wow, great article, I really appreciate your thought process and having it explained properly, thank you!

danishwali said...

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I like friend....nice post N smart..!!

Arsalan Siddiqui said...

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Peter Parker said...
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Used Laptop Parts said...

Very informative! IMO, I would rather buy parts than to buy the whole package, that way my laptop is personalized and I am sure that all parts are in good condition.

Laptop Replacement Parts said...

Thanks for posting these tips! For me I go for laptops that has many expansion options. In that way I can upgrade or customized it in the future.

Cash For Laptops said...

I agree that buying refurbished laptops can save you a penny. You can also ditch your old laptop and sell it online to earn extra cash for the laptop of your dreams.

Brandon Hudson said...
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laptop second malang said...

any tips to buy second hand laptop ?

frank castle said...
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