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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NVidia 210 VS ATI Radeon 4350

It’s the battle of the wimpy kids. Actually I already had an ATI 4350 laying around and I bought an Nvidia 210 to use in my Office PC because the board I had planned to use was built on an Nvidia chipset and I don’t care to mix Nvidia and ATI.
In the end I didn’t end up keeping the board and went back to the ATI card so now I have a useless 210 card kicking around, well I did get to pit them up against each other which is something I’m sure you wont find anywhere else since they are low budget, nobody cares, video cards.
So first I started out with the ATI Radeon 4350 card from ASUS using the latest ATI Catalyst drivers and built in Overclocking functions. I maxed out the core rather quickly while the memory kept giving more and more. I was surprised at how high I could take the memory settings before getting any artifacts or experiencing any major heat issues.
(Numbers to be updated)
Next was the Nvidia 210 card from MSI using the latest Nvidia drivers and built in Overclocking functions. I started with a nice bump on the core and went for a huge jump on the memory but was quickly halted when the PC locked up, I kept scaling back but couldn’t stop the PC from locking up so instead I worked from the bottom up and was only able to achieve a small memory overclock. While I couldn’t get much out of the memory at all I was actually able to really crank the core speed but this didn’t prove very useful in the benchmarks. Another thing I noticed is that the built in Nvidia Overclocking tools didn’t allow too much headroom for Overclocking (not like the card was capable).
(Numbers to be updated)
Towards the end of my Nvidia testing I checked the temp on the Nvidia card and thought I would run the tests again with fans directly on the cards since they were both passively cooled, Before I could even get a solid reading the board smoked at the PCI-E slot while the Nvidia card was still Overclocking and I lost the board + video card. Luckily the card was still under Newegg warranty so I sent it back but by the time I got the new one and decided I didn’t want it anyway it was too late and I was stuck with the new one.
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