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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

top brands laptop


ASUS name seems quite popular, both in the desktop and laptop. ASUS was ranked first because of the trial results, the extent of damage in 2 years is below 10%, whereas in 3 years was 15.6%. Although ASUS was in Rank 3 as the Top Vendor World, but it seems ASUS is not going to lose in terms of quality durability. ASUS products own the most famous is the ROG (Republic of Gamers) as one of the prerequisites Gaming Computer.

2. Toshiba
Toshiba certainly very popular with the level of durability, and also the price. Many of them think the price of Toshiba in accordance with its quality. Toshiba is ranked second with a percentage below 10% in 2 years, and 15.7% in 3 years. Subtle difference of 0.01% with ASUS apparently was already proved that Toshiba is designed to last.

SONY quite famous with one laptop products, namely VAIO. SONY ranks third in the percentage level of damage to the laptop. In a trial of 2 years, SONY gets a percentage above 10%, whereas in 3 years, the percentage rose to 16.8%. Although no thin adrift from ASUS and Toshiba, SONY can say one terawet laptop ever.

4. Apple

Apple is famous for its operating system itself, namely the Macintosh, as well as brand laptop itself. Experiments performed on these brands generate percentages above 10% at 2 years and 17.4% within 3 years. It is proved that Laptop Apple can still be said to be preserved for the use of an operating system other than Windows.

DELL seems more famous for one of its gaming products, ie Alienware, a laptop that really offers gaming performance as goods originating from outside the earth. Level of damage Dell in 2 years is above 10%, whereas in 3 years, has reached 18.3%. Apparently, this is the best laptop in the middle level of damage.

From the above, what about your laptop or you want to buy a laptop brands listed in atas.Semoga useful!
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