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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tips Make Laptop Battery Stay Alive For Long Time

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Do not directly use the laptop that we just bought
While new , The empty laptop battery must be charged in advance between 4-8 hours until the indicator lights show full charge ( usually light indicator is green , for certain brands may be another color ). Noteworthy is while charging , the laptop must be turned off.

Only use the laptop battery for mobile purposes
If we are using a laptop at home or at work for a long time , we should remove laptop batteries immediately and use electricity . If the battery is installed and the charger in a state of charge , it will cause battery leak rapidly. Moreover , that way can cause heat which can shorten the life of the battery

Remove the adapter when battery is full
Using a laptop with a battery attached while charging can shorten battery life

Do not let the laptop not used for a long time ( in months )
This can cause laptop batteries to lose capacity. To avoid this , try to turn on the laptop at least once a month

Remove the battery from the laptop when the laptop is not used in a long time
If we must remove the battery from the laptop , make sure we put them in a dry and cool place. Do not save your laptop battery in place with extreme temperatures or exposed to direct sunlight . This will cause damage to the battery components.

Install additional fans on the laptop
Using laptops for a long time can cause excessive heat , and the temperature of this heat can interfere the performance/battery capacity.
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