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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Best Tool Back Up For Linux

If you need a simple backup tool or a tool for enterprise-level Linux offers an assortment of solutions.
With Linux, you will find many backup tools, ranging from very simple to very complex. There are command line tools, graphical tools, server-based tools and combinations thereof. Some of these are extremely difficult and their usefulness is the subject of discussion. So where is a good middle ground? This, of course, depends on your intentions and your budget.

I suggest what might be the best tools for backing up Linux, which can be useful for desktop use and which to use the server side. They are all free and clear, but one that requires enterprise-class support.

1. LuckyBackup
LuckyBackup is an ideal tool for the Linux desktop. It 'easy to use, flexible, reliable and is one of the few graphic desktop tools making it easy scheduled backups. LuckyBackup is powerful. Lucky can handle full backups, snapshots, backups synchronized, inclusions / exclusions, local or remote backup, restore, simulation and more. If you are looking for an ideal tool for backing up Linux on desktops, LuckyBackup can be your best choice.

2. DejaDup
DejaDup is another simple and easy backup tool. Some users find it too simple, with its single window consisting of two large buttons that read "Restore" and "Back Up". But behind the two big buttons is a good list of amenities. DejaDup provides support for local and remote backups (even on Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files and Ubuntu One), encryption, compression, incremental backups, scheduled backups and full integration with GNOME. In other words, its simplified interface is ideal for users who want a tool that functions and semza too many complications.

3. Acronis Linux
And 'so, one of the Mac for backup equipment, has an option for the Linux server. Acronis Backup and Recover (ABR) 11 for Linux is available and is pure power. A backup solution, complete, enterprise-class graphics and is available for those who need a powerful solution, with support also included. The cost for the license of ABR 11 ($ 850) is not just nonsense, but for those who want the reliability and robustness of its holding company, ABR 11 is the right tool for the job.
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