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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

10 Software You Must Have for Your PC or Laptop

The use of PCs and laptops are still needed in the mobile era, although the smart phone was almost able to perform the function of the computer. Here are 10 software is a must-have on your PC or Laptop

1. WinRAR

The first mandatory software you install on your laptop or your new computer, this is one of the most useful software for the users PC and laptop. WinRAR is a software that can be used to compress a collection of files into a ZIP or RAR file, also functions as an extractor to open various file format ZIP, RAR, 7Z, JAR, ISO, and so on. WinRAR is a software with complete functions and must exist in every laptop or PC.

2. Google Chrome 

Iin the era of the Internet browser now becomes the most important thing to explore the virtual worldis. Google Chrome is the best browser choice for Windows operating systems. Sure, there are in Windows Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge being the default browser, but it looks less attractive and its features were incomplete. With Google Chrome, you can access the Internet more easily and quickly.

Alternative: Mozila Fire Fox

3. Internet Download Manager

For those who frequently download any files on the internet, such as software, movies, songs, and others must have known IDM or Internet Download Manager? With this useful software, download any files so much faster. Even up to 10x faster and more practical. Amazingly, if the download process stops when downloading because the Internet connection is lost, or the time's up, just calm, because IDM can still continue downloading at a later time. Other IDM advantages are also able to download YouTube videos directly in your browser.

4. GOM Player

The usual activities on a PC or laptop is watching a video. music videos, funny videos, TV series or films. In order to watch movies and other video more comfortable and smoothly, you need a high quality video player software. Best video player that you can use is GOM Player. This software can play video with any file format. GOM Player is small and relatively light when it is executed. Features numerous and comprehensive. Even GOM Player can also be used for streaming video from the internet.

Alternative: MediaPlayerClassic, VLC Media Player

5. Ccleaner

PC or Laptop performance and performance will continue to run well by doing regular maintenance. Especially for cleaning junk files such as cache, temporary files, and so on, thus making your computer performance so light and fast. No need to do it manually, the best software to perform this task is CCleaner. By installing and running CCleaner, PC or laptop you will feel so much lighter and faster when used.

6. LibreOffice 

Creating and processing of documents is a very important thing to do on a PC or laptop. One document processing software free Easy Learn Computer recommend is LibreOffice. Its features are not much different with Microsoft Office, but with a file size that is smaller and lighter.

Alternative: OpenOfice

7. Foxit Reader

One document file format most widely used is PDF. Therefore, the size became smaller and Aman. To open a file in PDF format, you need software. Selection of the best software to unlock PDF file is Foxit Reader. Therefore, this software has a file size much smaller and lighter run. The feature is also not lost with Adobe Reader and Nitro PDF is an alternative option.

8. Adobe Photoshop

To process and edit images and photos, it seems there's no other software that can be trusted in addition to Adobe Photoshop. You must already know the features and its ability to edit photos become more beautiful? Or to make a simple design that can be used in various purposes. Photoshop is a software that must be installed on your laptop and PC.

Alternative: CorelDraw

9. AVG

Antivirus is definitely necessary to keep the PC or Laptop to viruses, malware and others. Lack of security of Windows Defender forced us to install antivirus party to 3. For a free version so on suggest using AVG for highly reliable than the free version of Avast and Avira. For a paid antivirus, choose according to your taste for paid all good or read reference

10. Google Drive

Cloud storage media in the form of increasingly popular use. With Cloud, you can store a variety of document files, photos, or video without having to fear losing those files when you HardDisk damaged. Because the files are stored in the server, and you can access anytime and anywhere as long as there is internet access. One of the best Cloud service is Google Drive. Large capacity, and of course free for life. You only need to use your personal Google account to access it.

Alternative: Dropbox
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