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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Best Antivirus 2011

Top Ten Antivirus 2011 Review, You Have to Check Out Before Getting Any Antivirus Software!
Viruses, worms and Trojans developers are always in the run, competing with antivirus software. What was the best software in this field is not guaranteed to still be the top in the ranking today.
In the top ten antivirus 2011 list, some antivirus software just got kicked out of the list while new ones, namely Avira AntiVir and Norton Antivirus, not appearing in the list last year get their position in the top ten.
The criteria on reviewing the best ten on the list includes well weighted variables which is ranked top to bottom. In this case, Scope of Protection is the most weighted variable, while Help & Support is the least one.

The Top Antivirus Software of 2011

This antivirus is the most popular among the top 10 antivirus 2011 and it is even greatly recommended. Its features are the following:
It has Search Advisor to prevent any distrustful attachment from downloading.
You can keep your chats privately because it contains IM Ecryption.
It updates itself automatically in just a few hours.
It has an extremely modifiable interface.
It provides 24/7 support for free.
It can be on the Laptop Mode so that you can save battery.

2. Kaspersky
It provides hourly updates.
You can protect your entries on shopping and banking transactions because it has Virtual Keyboard.
It provides security against viruses and spams.
Any doubtful activity on your personal computer can be detected with its System Analyzer.
It contains Anti Phishing.

3. ESET Nod 32
You don’t have to worry about sharing files because it blocks threats that may go into your computer through removable devices.
It blocks any distrustful trojans or even services that may penetrate into your computer.
It can prevent spywares and malwares from entering your PC through its Self Defense.
It offers technical support for free.
It executes system check up and scan with its SysRescue and SysInspector.
This antivirus program is SSL encrypted.

4. AVG
With this antivirus software, you can download and surf the internet securely and confidently.
It provides defense against scam sites and phishing.
It provides fast and smart scanning.
It offers technical assistance and support.
The system can stay safe since it keeps threats out of it.

5. Norton
It can identify any threat from networks with its Networking Mapping.
It contains Bot Protection.
It has integrated Anti-rootkit and Anti-Spyware
It performs pulse updates.
It executes regular backup generation with its Norton Bootable Recovery Tool.
It inspects your PC for suspected programs since it has SONAR 3 Behavioral Protection.

6. Avira
It has AntiVir ProActiv, Anti Phishing, Anti Ad/Spyware and Anti Rootkit.
It can examine all incoming FTP transfers and emails with its Mail Guard.
Backups can be generated regularly because of its Rescue System.
It inspects unidentified viruses since it has AHeAD Technology.
It provides Netbook and technical support.

7. McAfee
It can show the security rating of certain websites with its Site Advisor.
It performs regular updating of virus database.
It provides protection for your computer because of its System Guards.
It executes X-ray rootkit detection.
It has Anti Spyware.
It also performs On-access file scanning.

8. Avast
All your incoming mails and attachments are scanned of its Mail Shield.
It stops any hateful script because it has Script Blocker.
It contains File System Shield.
It P2P Shield provides defense against P2P file viruses.
It has interference detection system provided by its Network Shield.
Your personal computer can be protected from HTTP proxies because of its Web Shield.

9. Trend Micro
It has Cloud Technology support which assists in generating backups.
It executes automatic protection.
It performs updates regularly.
It has streamlined interface and it contains Anti-spyware.

10. Webroot
Its protection is straightforward usable.
Its Spy Sweeper provides defense against spywares.
This antivirus software detects stops and eliminates threats.
It has VB100 certifications.
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