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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A little more security on your Ubuntu

It is known that the Linux operating systems are the safest. No virus epidemics, as in Windows, nor are there large security when browsing the Internet. So the only danger in a computer with Ubuntu, is leave it alone and unlocked.

So, I advise to use the program BlueProximity that detects via a Bluetooth-enabled device, usually a mobile phone, if you're away from your computer or not. So whenever you are absent, Ubuntu automatically locks.
And even more: When the user approaches the computer to unlock it back automatically, without writing a password. Note that both the computer and the phone must have bluetooth.

The basic operation is: Ubuntu connects to the device and with the signal, detects the distance that this device is, according to the settings chosen by the user or not it blocks at that distance.
In addition it can block other processes, among which there is the possibility of sending signals to other programs. This is quite important, since this functionality is possible through, for example, change the status on Messenger, or even the music player. This matter will be dealt with later.
This program is not in the official Ubuntu repositories, so installation requires you to visit this site and download the file. deb, then just take two clicks on the file to install and is ready to use.
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