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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Create a backup copy of all your drivers using DriverMax

Here's a guide that will help you create a backup of all your drivers (drivers) installed on your computer in a Click is using a simple and free. DriverMax User Guide You can easily create a copy of backup all your drivers installed on your computer (all drivers or just one) and use it to solve driver problems. This backup will be very useful when you format your computer. Because there is no need to search for drivers from the Internet or from CD drivers, just import the copy that you created, and within five minutes you can complete the installation of all your drivers. You can also move this backup from one computer to another (if they have the same hardware). For this, we will use a simple tool called DriverMax . 

With this tool, we can easily export a backup copy of any or all the drivers installed on your PC and then import it later for resettlement. You can download DriverMax for free (with free registration code ) Using DriverMax After installation, double-click the program icon to the lace, and follow the steps as follows: The first screen you get is the main menu. The options are
  • Export drivers (export the drivers)
  • Import drivers (import drivers)
  • Installed drivers report (a report on the drivers already installed)
it is the most important options (which we will use), because the program contains other additional options (but also useful, to find yourself). 
Click the " Export Drivers "to start the operation. Now, the home screen is displayed, click Next (Next). The system will take a few seconds to create a list of all the drivers installed on your PC. 
Here you can select any specific device driver or click Select All (Select all) to create a backup copy of all the drivers installed. Press the Next (Next). 
In the next screen, you must select the export type (simple or backup in zip format) and then select the storage path. Important: Always choose a drive other than C: . 
Why? Because it contains your operating system and if it fails (or you are going to format it to install a new operating system), the copy you created will be lost). 
Again, press press Next (Next) and the system will take some time (depending on the size of your drivers) to end the export of selected drivers. Here, the operation is complete .
You can now click on Open extraction folder (Open extraction folder) to view files in the copy or press the Close (Close) to complete. 
Now you can use the copy (using the option import) to restore the drivers that you save or move to any other computer. The final file that you can use (import) later.
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Suppose I need to install winXP after removing Win7, will drivermax do the needfull?

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