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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tools for the Terminal

1. cmus
cmus music player music player is a very powerful and equipped with nice amenities. It 'made with ncurses and this provides a text interface. cmus is richly endowed with many visual mode and the ability to report on Supports the commands you type and auto with the Tab key on how to use cmus A Guide is available here (in English). Homepage

2. Finch
Finch is available with Pidgin, the popular IM client. Finch offers the same features as Pidgin, offers just that through the terminal using ncurses. Supports IM protocols such as Yahoo, Google Talk, XMPP (Facebook), WLM (Windows Live Messenger) and others. Homepage

3. htop
htop is an interactive process viewer that uses ncurses. It allows scrolling to view the processes in place and can use color and graphics. A real gem for a Linux user. Homepage

4. irssi
A client IRC (Internet Relay Chat) with a very powerful ncurses based interface, implements the multi-server, can be expanded with Perl scripts, supports themes, DCC chat and all other amenities of the IRC server. Homepage

5. mc
Midnight Commander is the famous double-pane file manager for the Linux terminal, also based on ncurses and equipped with many amenities. Homepage

6. lynx
Lynx is a popular web browser for the terminal. Supports protocols such as HTTP, FTP or Gopher.  Homepage

7. gzip
gzip is a command line tool to compress and decompress files. All files ending with a. Tar.gz is archived with tar and compressed with gzip.  Homepage

8. bzip2
Similar to gzip, bzip2 is a data compressor that requires a lot of time to compress and decompress files, but provides a more efficient compression algorithm that produces smaller files.  Homepage

9. aaxine
aaxine is a video player for console based multimedia player xine-lib , which uses ASCII characters for aoutput video. Ubuntu comes with the package xine-console . Homepage Big Buck Bunny

10. aview
The tool supports the display of images as ASCII art. Supports the following formats, which can be in the form of binary code or ASCII text: PNM, PGM, PBM, PPM . It also supports video formats like FLI and FLC.  Homepage

11. mencoder
mencoder is a powerful encoder / decoder Video included in MPlayer and can convert between various video files. Homepage

12. ffmpeg
Using libavcodec, ffmpeg is another powerful tool for encoding / decoding, recording and stream video files.  Homepage

13. convert
Included in the ImageMagick convert is a tool that can convert between image formats and can apply various effects to images or change some aspects, such as resizing, cropping, blurring, and more. convert is also used on web servers for image processing.  Homepage

14. moc
moc (music on console) is another music player based on ncurses, to the terminal which plays formats such as Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MP3, WAV or WMA. It also supports themes and research files.  Homepage
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