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Monday, December 19, 2011

Asus Eee 1005 HA

Asus Eee 1005 HA
Well, a few days ago when I bought a netbook from Asus, the eee105HA. In fact, it all started with a mixture of the death of my notebook combined with the desire to have something portable, allowing me to use in unscheduled hours of work, school, home visits from friends and so on. Finally, after reading several reviews on, I bought one!

Well, what? The screen features LED illumination of 10.1 inches, which means a good image quality and low consumption. The disk with 160 GB, 1 GB of RAM and the rest of that "basic kit" that all laptops have. Ah yes, a detail to be taken into consideration, that even been mentioned in all the reviews I read and it's worth to note, is the keyboard (very comfortable with a good space between the keys) and touchpad, also excellent. Ok ok, a failure is to have no LED to indicate that the caps lock is enabled, but ....

This version I bought came with Windows 7 Starter edition. The first impression I got was "ugh", but after searching on the limitations, I discovered that the only significant thing that could harm me is the fact of not being able to change the wallpaper, which is no big thing, but as I need a copy of Windows for some programs without corresponding Windows, I opted to leave it in a separate partition. Before you ask me, this limitation of classical Starter Editions to only allow three opening windows has been removed from Win7SE. Oh yeah, nice detail, the asus already makes the HD partitioned so that you can install another operating system without having to delete the partition (although among the resources of seven of them is to allow you to make thumbnailing of system partitions).

I then downloaded the Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 Karmic Koala . Burn the DVD, I generated the stick and then did the installation. After about 20 minutes the installation was complete. It was then just use the system and install the missing drivers, only ... oops! There was no missing driver! Yes, Ubuntu 9.10 installed and recognized ALL the devices in 1005 , including webcam, wireless, keyboard functions. Even my mini 3G modem he recognized immediately.

Well, that's it. If you are thinking of a good alternative to an effectively portable notebook, the 1005 is a great choice. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the battery it lasts more than 5 hours! That's right! Perfect for college, where there is not always an outlet nearby
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