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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Red Hat and Cisco together

Red Hat, the world's leading provider of open source software, and Cisco will work together to announce that ' integration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux software with Cisco Unified Computing System to create a cutting edge solution that can help users to install applications mission-critical applications in a virtual datacenter with high performance.

Red Hat and Cisco will also work to create an offer of services and global sales channels, customer support and development of tools for deployment and support. The collaboration between Red Hat and Cisco in the open source community is not new and its fruits now seem be ripe for the integration of the demanding computing environments, Red Hat, such as Enterprise Linux and Enterprise Visualization , could take a big lead by the high density of Cisco Unified Computing System, because it's scalable architecture will enable a greater number of enterprise applications to run on systems that have more economic resources than half of the theoretically necessary hardware.

The consequences would be very positive for customers: the possibility to extend their virtual environments, improve business agility and establish policies and network security for virtual environments is consistent for both the traditional ones. Among the most interesting details there The Agreement provides that Cisco Official Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers will be able to buy directly from Cisco a complete solution for additional services and support. The integration of Cisco's Unified Computing System and solutions Red Hat's software seems to be able to offer customers a platform for the installation of IT infrastructure with all the trappings, made ​​strong with both hands to tap the latest technology of two of the most important vendors in the world.
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