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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Safe Harddisk

Electrical Power
Do not turn off power by unplugging the USB kaberl without going through the procedure because of the hard disk spin so fast and stop suddenly and cause the reader head will rub against the rotating disc. The result is a bad sector. Therefore, according to the procedure natikan hdd (safe remove ardware)

Avoid Conflicts / shocks
At the hdd in the circumstances to work should be put in place that static does not move or vibrate. Do not knock or fall, the more so when copying data. Because of work affecting akam head. Head that floats above the surface of the disc would be interested in or away so that the reading of data is not normal. This condition can also cause bad sectors.

Keep away from the magnet power
Keep the hdd from objects that contain magnets such as speakers, cell phones, radios etc.. This will affect the data stored on the disc. Because the existing data on the disc occurs because magnetasi process. So strong magnetic power will damage the attached data.

If the hdd is used in a long time such as playing games or make hdd as a boot operating system, then work in the read write head will be even harder. It also can cause bad sectors

Frequently hdd off after 8 hours of continuous usage

Perform the defragment process
Perform periodic defragmet maybe once a month to set up space on the hdd. Use the empty space can menuyebabkan not well organized and will insert the other data. Consequently hdd work harder. Use the defrag tool that has been provided by Windows

RAM capacity
Large RAM capacity will reduce the process of swapping large files to the hard drive
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