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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hard Disk Smart with S.M.A.R.T

Through the SMART technology (Self Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology), the risk of a hard disk crash can be immediately known. So, how to anticipate and resolve issues around the hard disk? Consider the following article ini.Pada CHIP normal use, hard disk crashes are rare or damaged. Hard disk will not be damaged too suddenly. However, if your hard disk recently experienced several crashes, beware because the condition is a symptom of damage. The first thing you should do is immediately backup all important data stored in it. Once the backup data is safe too, let's "heal" the hard disk so they can be re-run normal.Beruntung, with SMART technology (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology), is now able to check the hard disk itself as well as find fault. Once a serious problem occurs, it will emit a number of software alarm.Melalui diagnosis contained in the CHIP-DVD, we are ready to assist you in analyzing the status of your hard disk so that the symptoms of damage will be detected early. Meaning of the results of the analysis and the things you need to consider, described on the page right. In addition, the CHIP-DVD available hard disk surrounding a variety of software, ranging from cleaning the Windows to create backups of other reliable data.Software is Paragon System Upgrade Utilities. Unfortunately, can not provide it in the CHIP-CHIP DVD. You can buy it for U.S. $ 29.95, at This software is ready to save the image contains the complete system and to restore it back to the hard disk or partition and Ricek baru.Cek: Analyze your hard disk and recognize errors

At the time of your hard disk healthy or have symptoms of pain, may you know the tools contained in the CHIP-DVD named Smartmon with GSmartControl display. In Windows Vista and Windows 7, run tools with administrator rights in the context menu "Run as administrator". After loading, check first, whether the hard disk supports SMART feature. I click the hard disk are displayed and then click the "More". Check in front of "Enable SMART". If the function can not be activated, enter the BIOS and enable in sana.Apabila function analysis on the hard disk, so you click the hard disk icon and tab "Identity" will appear a new status. You can see the model name, firmware, and hardware serial number. However, the important thing is the entry "Overall health self-assessment test: Passed". If not listed "Passed" and instead displays the error report, was the backup of your data before continuing the test as most likely your hard disk bermasalah.Apabila empty column, start a quick test by selecting "Short selftest" in the menu "Perform Test | Test type", then click "Execute". The diagnosis should be ended completely by displaying the message "Completed without errors". Now it's time to do a thorough analysis to determine the condition of the hard disks in detail. Click the "Extended Self-Test" under the "Test Type". The duration of the analysis depending on size of your hard disk. On the hard disk 500 GB, the analysis process took about two hours.
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