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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How to extend battery life Tablet / Smartphone

Smartphones have the "intelligence" compared with the basic phone (feature phone) which is only used for calls and SMS. So smartphone consuming more battery power. Smart phone only lasted one day and to be in charge back in. In contrast to the fairly basic phone in charge once a week.

Because of the intensity of usage and often in charge makes the battery work harder smartphone. For that, the user must be right in treating the batteries to make it more durable.

The following four common bad habits of users and must be stopped so that the phone battery is not easily damaged :

1. Do not use any charger
The device charger’s smartphones and tablets Android / iPhone have the same shape, so often used interchangeably for all devices.

In fact, each device has a charger with special specifications that are tailored to the type of device and the battery capacity. Charger tablet devices usually have a size larger amperage because the battery has a greater capacity. while Smartphone has a smaller battery capacity.

Although charging will be much faster, which is not within specifications Charger gradually reduce smartphone battery performance. So, from now do not use a tablet charger to charge the phone battery. Use the original charger or the appropriate standard specifications of your phone.

2. Stop charge overnight
The extreme conditions hazardous to the health of the smartphone battery. Continue to charge the smartphone is already full for a long time is not good. We often do to charge your phone overnight when we sleep.

Current smartphones are already equipped with overcharge protection features that keep the battery stops charging when full. However, some research now suggests could be adversely affected if the battery is not charged until the full 100 percent, enough to 80-90 percent.

So, it could not hurt to give up the habit overnight to charge battery life could be longer, and we can save money by reducing electricity costs and care for the environment

3. Do not leave empty batteries over time
Leaving the battery is completely empty is not good anymore. If often like this, then the battery life will slowly decrease.

The reason is, if the battery is completely empty, the battery cells become inactive. If you do not hurry "activated", at worst these cells would lose the ability to absorb power from the charging apparatus.

Charging wait until the battery is empty is not good, the best time of charging based on a number of research, when the battery is below 40 percent, in the range of 15 to 35 percent.

4. Stop wearing POWERBANK
Portable battery devices (POWERBANK) is often a lifesaver when smartphone battery "dying". However, many users who often charge through POWERBANK despite not being an emergency and is actually possible to use a device charger.

Stop habits such charge smartphone. Frequent use can make the POWERBANK smartphone battery life is reduced.

Unlike the charger via electricity, POWERBANK not fully power the stable and within specifications smartphone. Coupled with more circulation POWERBANK with low quality.

Another bad habit that needs to be stopped is charge a smartphone using a laptop or PC via a data cable. As POWERBANK, the electric current of the computer is not designed to charge your smartphone standard.

So from now on, only use the computer POWERBANK and if properly in an emergency.

Stop hoping the battery can live forever - Human life is temporary, so is the smartphone battery. In fact, every year battery life will decrease. Although users have been caring for the battery properly, each battery has aged.

Be willing to buy a new battery for the health of the smartphone. Tips that have been described are only able to lengthen the life of the battery, not make him immortal.

If the latest Smartphonedoes not give the user the option to change the battery easily, please contact the technician or the nearest service center, or using a battery saver app
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