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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Understanding Static IP and Dynamic IP

Understanding Static IP and Dynamic IP
The use of computers and the Internet will never be separated from the use of IP. Because it's here I'll explain a bit about IP, IP broadly differentiated into static and dynamic IP

If the computer uses the same IP address each time they connect to the network (eg Internet), then said to have a static IP address (fixed). If the IP address changes frequently, when the computer is connected to a network (internet), it is said to have a dynamic IP address.

Dynamic IP addresses are typically used for a simple network, broadband network and a USB modem, while the static IP address that is used to find the server in the enterprise.

Currently, two versions of the Internet Protocol (IP) is being used :
- IPv4 address to use 32-bit address space is limited

- IPv6 is designed as a replacement for IPv4, as 128-bit wide addresses, whereas IPv6 offer a huge address space.

How to choose a static or dynamic IP address?
You can not switch between the two types. Since only ISP (ISP means Internet Service Provider) can choose your IP address (an IP address range that belongs to him). So when you connect to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) gives you an IP address. It can give you all the time the same IP address (ie, a static IP) or give you every time (every time you connect to the internet) different IP addresses (ie, a dynamic IP)
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lina @happy family said...

Glad to get new knowledge.

html5 media player said...
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vpn providers said...

I have dynamic ip. It's good when search engine blocks me for search too fast and then I just reset my router to get new ip. The bad is if router is accidentally reset I have to login some sites again since my ip has changed.

CMS Web Development said...

Great article and thanks for sharing this information.

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