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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Make Faster Internet part 1

Litle tips make your internet faster... try this

1. Firewalls :
Blocking some programs from connecting to the Internet (like WinAmp player, which automatically tries to check for updates). You’d be surprised how many applications try connecting to the Internet behind your back. I’ve caught my Windows Explorer connecting to the Internet ; after looking up the IP thinking it was some Trojan, It turned out to be windows .com. Many people have complained about this, claiming it’s spyware . This is one reason I think Open Source operating systems are much better!

2. Internet Browsing/Images:
Setting up your Internet browser to not download or show images during browsing will open up pages much faster, which enables you to read articles and blogs without having to wait ten minutes for the page to load. This can be done in Microsoft Internet Explorer and I’m sure it can be done with Firefox and other Internet explorers.In MS-IE this can be done by going to Tools / Internet Options / Advance Tab / scroll down until you see “Show Pictures”; just uncheck that and enjoy.

3. Download Managers :
Make sure you have a program that has a resume option. The resume option is a great feature that enables you to continue downloading a file even if your connection was lost during downloading. Some download links are not direct, which means they don’t support resuming. RapidShare and Megaupload are file hosters that don’t provide direct links.

4. Cache:
Don’t delete your cache too often or not at all, since you’re on a slow connection . Your cache wont build up to gigabytes anytime soon, so don’t freak out if you get 200 MB of files cached after a month and think that’s too much, its OK.

5. Stop It!
Stop using dial-up! Upgrading your current Internet connection is the best way to optimize and boost your connection speed. There is probably no good excuse nowadays for using dial-up unless you live in the middle of the wilderness; ask your mobile phone company if they offer any Internet connections like PCMCIA cards or HUAWEI cards. Ask if your area provides fiber optic connections, DSL, or better yet, ask your neighbors if they are using a fast connection . If they are, ask them if they can give you their network password so you can use their wireless connection pay them if you have to! If they don’t have wireless, buy a long DSL cable and pay them monthly. Do anything just drop the dial-up.
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Internet Guru said...

Good tips and nice ideas. Well I think a modern web browser is also must to get maximum internet speed. I love using Google Chrome as it gives maximum speed of page loading.


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jhon cena said...

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