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Friday, December 23, 2011

Facebook for all according to Vodafone

The Blue Vodafone aims to fulfill a very specific task: to allow mobile access to Facebook in the most immediate way possible, even to those who are unaccustomed to using a smartphone. The price of 79 euros including VAT appear to be targeting this product especially to the young, the Blue Vodafone is indeed the solution for Facebook currently cheaper than available today. The messaging is typically the ideal ground for this model, which has a QWERTY keyboard is fairly effective. Blue is the result of a joint development between Vodafone Italy and Facebook, that developed in a phone fully integrated with the structure and functions of the popular social networks.

Your profile is available just turned the phone and it remains visible on the home screen. The operating system, in Italian, is the owner, you can only install applications in Java.
The frame is compact, despite the full keyboard, and the materials are robust. The thickness of only 12 mm makes it possible to easily carry the phone in his trouser pockets. The keyboard is well designed, has rows of spaced keys and typing is fast enough. A programmable button can be associated with different functions. Just below the display is a small optical trackpad for navigation help.

The Blue Vodafone keeps its promises: the use of Facebook is very intuitive and the hardest part is probably the inclusion of your username / password the first time you turn on your phone. The notifications of status updates and messages are automated, or you can configure the programmable key to do the update manually.

Apart from the simplicity and cost, the Blue Vodafone has other advantages. Indeed, it has very limited features and functionality. The lack of 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi is felt much, making the viewing of streaming video (often found on the pages of their friends) very difficult. The camera returns 2 Mpixel color washed out and lacking contrast, the videos are recorded at low resolution and framerate low. For Web browsing is the Opera Mini browser, but only 200 MHz processor makes a lot of trouble with complex pages. He is better with music, thanks to the integrated MP3 player, FM radio and the ability to add a Micro SD card on which to store the songs.

The lack of advanced sensors and connectivity (Bluetooth is present and the only micro-USB port, but lacks the data cable in the package) is reflected positively on the life of the battery, you can easily gain the day of use.
The Blue Vodafone may just be good to those who only plan to use Facebook, check emails and listen to music, for all others it is better to spend a few tens of euros more and adopt the Smart, a real Android smartphone offered far more powerful and complete always from Vodafone to 99 Euro VAT included.
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