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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Choose a processor

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The heart of every personal computer is its processor, which is why when you go to buy one is absolutely essential to choose one that is good and above all to make our case, first of all, though I want to dispel a myth useful to lower the price of your new laptop. When you look at the processor, avoid trying to force things out of the last model, this for a few main reasons: firstly the price, if a product has just come out of course will cost much more, then this second technological world is constantly changing then you will have the "latest model" only for a short time, do not always follow the technology, but you have to buy what you need, and finally, the latest processors will also be many times more powerful but are also those who consume more battery your laptop, so if you have to work very much avoided using the battery model very "greedy" in terms of energy consumption.

It is easy to choose a processor, the main two houses that produce them, the AMD and Intel, usually they say that Intel is more expensive while AMD are cheaper and equally-performing, the second this writer is not true Each model has its specific characteristics of both price and is therefore an AMD can pay more but be more of a handsome Intel or vice versa.

In any case, when you go to check the processor of your new laptop, without waiting to see the model on the market and release date, you must always keep an eye on two essential parameters, the number of cores and the working frequency, which is expressed in Ghz.

The Core are in short computing cores of a processor, the latest models have different core but keep in mind that, generally more cores mean more power, but it always depends on the work you do with your laptop, often In fact, we can accommodate dual-core models without problems even if they are recent.

The GHz is always in short, a way to indicate very roughly the speed, the more Ghz usually means more speed running even if this parameter also includes other values. Finally, they are also to be considered for purchase and consumption of the cache size.

With these parameters, you can definitely make you a good idea of ​​the value of the processor that fits the laptop you want to buy, of course, all this should be compared with the type of work you are doing with the laptop you buy, and mind you one thing, the final price of the product you buy depends on the processor goes up, so if you want to pay almost certainly say that you are buying a processor model with highly evolved, however, we invite you to follow the suggestions given.
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