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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Firefox 9 Ready for Android Tablet

The last official release of Firefox is now 9.0.1 and this version at the moment are few clear differences compared to 9.0, although the differences should be relevant to the resolution of a bug that is best documented at the time of writing this news ; the link for more information reference this . Within twenty-four hour Mozilla will make available an automatic update for those who have already installed Firefox versions 8 and 9. Here are the download links for Firefox and Thunderbird in the latest versions

The developers of the Mozilla Foundation have just released a new release of Thunderbird, an email client of the most popular and appreciated. Thunderbird 9 on users' PCs brings interesting news: the software is based sull'engine Mozilla Gecko version 9 offers improved support for Personal thus increasing the ability to customize the interface.

From notes rlascio mention the possibility to hide the menu bar for Windows users called with the Alt key, are also reported general improvements to the graphical interface with the resolution of various bugs. 9 The release of Thunderbird is more or less simultaneously with the distribution of the first update for Firefox 9, web browser made ​​available in recent days.

The browser is able to maximize the usable area of ​​the screen and for the management of tabes was expected to show a solution only when you need it, so to maximize all the space left for navigation. 9 in Firefox is also exploited the action bar of Android to integrate the tools most widely used: in this way the user has at his disposal only the graphical elements of which may need while using the browser. In other words, 9 with Firefox on Android tablet were banned tinsel and little-used tools, highlighting the essential.

From the notes release also says that the developers have improved HTML5 support integrating such as the ability to use the webcam available on the device. Firefox 9.0 for Android is available on the marketplace Journal. As is clear from the notes of release, the developers have done a great job to improve the ' usability of tablet using the Mozilla browser. The size of the panel and the need to manage the various instruments using only the fingers and impose targeted choices important, but as you can see from the video follows the final result is very interesting.

In recent days we have dealt with several times of the activities of Mozilla for the first release of Firefox 9 , then the availability of Thunderbird 9 in conjunction with the first update to Firefox, and only a short while ago we posted some details on the agreement signed between Google and the Mozilla Foundation. We continue this long list with the news today regarding the announcement of Android tablet device 9 for Firefox.
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