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Friday, December 2, 2011

Android vs BlackBerry vs iPhone

Perhaps this is so fundamental question for the mobile users who want to "upgrade" to the realm of smartphones. Actually, in addition to 3 pieces of smartphones (+ operating system) there are more Windows Mobile, the newly launched Windows Mobile 7, then there is Palm with its PalmPre. But for the market in Indonesia, only 3 pieces of this type of smartphone that dominate the market. Well, actually if you speak the Indonesian market, the BlackBerry that dominate the market, but Android seems to begin to rage, but the iPhone is always favored by loyal customers.
We can compare these three types of smartphones from all sides, but in this post seems better to discuss in terms of features, usability, and plus and minus for the users

BlackBerry (or abbreviated BB) is a product output of Canada's Research in Motion. Renowned for its push email technology and Internet connection using the BIS. For the Indonesian market, BB winner because BB supports our nation's favorite: Social Networking. BB originally designed for users in terms of enterprise (company). The companies want to make their employees can still stay-in-touch with his work despite being out of office services. Therefore, collaborative work is done by email (so there is push email) and also an application by using the connection BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server). BES is owned by each company, and digunanakan as internal communications infrastructure companies that are accessed using a BB.
However, beginning around 2008, moving from BB users market enterprise, the end-user, alias general users like us. Because there is push notification of the strengths of BB, the user can know the updates from the outside world. Not just email, but now there is Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social network applications. Moreover BB users can chat via BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), which is a special messenger application for BB users use the PIN as the user identification (not username like in YM, gtalk etc).

If you want a seamless connection with the outside world, wants your emails straight into your handset and want to keep stay in touch with your social environment. Wear a BB.
If you are a freelancer, employee outcomes, workers who face a lot of clients, and other work that requires an update of information quickly, easily accessible, and connect with the crowd, maybe BB could be the right choice to support your work.

If you want a smartphone with touch screen, and comes with exciting games, in addition you want a different experience from using a cell phone as your playmate in his spare time and do not really need to go online and e-mail notifications are always for the latest social network, do not select BB .
If you are office workers who can not be separated from social networks, chat, and mobile phone itself. Janagn select BB, because then your job will go smoothly because keasikan playing BB

Android is an operating system (not smartphone) developed by Google. This smartphone is designed to be run on any handset, provided support Android. Here the difference between BB and the iPhone, with the android. If the BB and the iPhone operating system can only run on certain handsets only (of course the output RIM for BB, and poduk iphone from Apple for the iPhone OS). Moreover, this operating system is open, so anyone can edit this operating system. The advantages of Android among others offer a different experience of using mobile phones. Android supports multi-touch, multi-gesture, use of connectivity data plan, or via WiFi and WiMax, and others (like the iPhone). The difference with the iPhone (with IOS version <4), Android supports multitasking. Another thing to be a plus point is Android, the Android way of marketing such as Linux, the majority of the community, so of course the community of users and developers android known to be quite solid. Actually Android supports push notification, but it is limited to products of google (gmail, google calendar, etc.). And there is also a third party that implements feature push to android, that is Xtify, there are also MQTT. So the layman, the push to Android is still quite limited. And the rest belong to some poll (not a push, not pull, but the poll). Poll is the mechanism by which the handset will constantly check whether there is an update to the server within a certain time.

If you want a smartphone with a touch screen that has good performance, but do not want the market to use the iPhone (or do not have the budget to buy an expensive iPhone) and want a multitasking, select Android.
If you want a smartphone that supports games with good graphics and other than that like to look for free online application, select Android.

You need a smartphone with a carrying capacity of the battery is best? Do not use Android. Android in general require a larger battery energy than the BB and the iPhone.
If you need a keyboard that is responsive and practical, do not use Android.

iPhone is a smartphone developed by Apple. A typical iPhone users are typically loyal users, why? Since most iPhone users are satisfied with the smartphone. Especially compared to Android, the iPhone has a multi-performance and multi-gesture touch better. If Android hardware performance of course depends on the handset being used. iPhone is also one of the style of young people abroad. Talk games? iPhone apps have a lot of other fun games and applications, or you could say on the iPhone developers who create applications much simpler, but less obvious geje alias ga. Examples are applications vuvuzela, which will give voice vuvuzela if we shake our iPhone. But make no mistake, the application of this vuvuzela staying digadang get a good revenue and also a lot of users downloaded. IPhone operating system also offers the experience of using mobile phones (user experience) the best.

If you need a stylish smartphone, has a multi-touch performance is best, and supplemented by applications is simple but pleasant, select the iPhone
If you want to play various games, live search on its iPhone store, and of course, select your iPhone as a smartphone first

If you are careless (like dropping items), the iPhone is too dear for being dropped. Think twice if you want to drop your iPhone
If you want a multitasking, do not select an iPhone. But the IOS version 4 already supports multitasking
iPhone usually enter Indonesia via the black market, because in general the iPhone is sold by bundling with carriers and the iPhone is always late entry into Indonesia, therefore, worth considering if you want to buy an iPhone.

In short, based on the features, advantages and it is offered than any smartphone, we can conclude like this:
+ Multi-touch interface: the iPhone
Hardware options: Android
Levels of availability: Android
Disclosure: Android
Connectivity: the BlackBerry
E-Mail and Social Networking (+ chat): BlackBerry
So, already know which one to choose a smartphone?
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