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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Update Posting Frequency Important to google???

Apparently, as long as this opinion skipper who believe that blogs are updated more often preferred by google wrong. After seeing the video on youtube from google webmaster help, can be taken that statement is no doubt its validity. Because google own party who disclose, in this case is om Matt Cutts. Please see the video below:

In the video above, om mattcuts said that the update frequency of a blog post not taken into account by the algorithm google. In fact, he says, is far better to wait until a few days or even several weeks - if my friend takes time - to write and study the topics to be discussed from a content or article that really good quality for readers.
In other words, the quality (quality) content is really very important in the eyes of google compared to the number of posts (quantity) and the frequency of posting updates.
However, it still needs to update this post. Minimal to the readers who always want fresh content, to the feed subscribers, digoogle To add a new keyword, etc.. Only, do not be overwhelmed if it does not update the blog, because google will not give any punishment.

There is another opinion about this? please use the comment box.
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