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Monday, May 1, 2017

iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S7 edge

Various vendors have their flagship products respectively. However, brands in the world whose name always is called Apple and Samsung. Their products are well known until now is the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Although there are already Samsung Galaxy S8, still an Edge of S7 Prima Donna among devotees of gadgets. Therefore, if both are in Buffalo, who would win?

Samsung Galaxy S7 iPhone Edge and 7 Plus is a smartphone that is intended for the upper class. This flagship Smartphone has a lot of advantages, both regarding performance as well as design. So, take a look at the comparison below:

Design and the display
 Regarding materials, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge indeed impressed more luxurious. Because, with a comprehensive wrap of the glass to the rear, making the S7 Edge had quite superior advantages compared with other flagship smartphones.

iPhone 7 Plus does not want to lose. Coated with metal quality, the luxurious impression also tasted once. On the design side, because it uses glass materials up to the rear, this makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge slippery when gripped and iPhone 7 Plus superior comfort from the side.

On the screen, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is far superior. For Samsung bold 2560 x 1440 resolution dunked pixels, this makes it much more sharply. In fact, its screen design is also much better than iPhone 7 Plus.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S7 spec iPhone Edge and 7 Plus two phones that immerse the best in class hardware. However, the very individual differences are all on Android and iOS who each give the best performance in its class.

In the specs, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is indeed far superior to, either from the processor to the RAM capacity. However, it turns out, after seeing the results of a comparative benchmark AnTuTu, perhaps you will shock.

iPhone 7 Plus is the first Apple product that is pinned in the back dual camera with 12MP size. So, it's obvious from the side of the camera, iPhone 7 Plus is superior in comparison of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. But, from the side of the diaphragm, S7 Edge is still better.

For the future, iPhone 7 Plus also remains still Excel regarding the size of the megapixel. The reason, iPhone 7 Plus sizes 7MP and S7 Edge only 5MP. Back again, from the side of the diaphragm, S7 Edge still excels with f/1.7. So, if in low light conditions, S7 Edge can still be photographed well.

Regarding battery life, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge of the iPhone wins hands down 7 Plus. Because of the capacity of the S7 's own Edge of 3600mAh. Whereas, iPhone 7 Plus 2900mAh batteries only have.

On the part of apple storage internal 32 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, while Samsung provides an internal 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB. But for the Apple does not provide external memory while Samsung may increase the maximum external memory up to 256 GB

Samsung 4 GB of supported and to Apple only 3 GB

As one of the flagship smartphone, Apple iPhone 7 Plus it's far superior to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. If you are concerned with performance based on benchmarks, then select iPhone 7 Plus. If you want to design the anti-mainstream smartphone, then select S7 Edge.
Two smartphones on top of it are proven there is nothing geeky, all the best-in-class smartphone.
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