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Monday, August 29, 2016

Securing data on Hard drive Computers

Securing data on Hard drive Computers, Hard drive is a storage device that is always there in every PC or Laptop. In this disk we often enter and retrieve data either from Internet browsing activity, use office applications, used for productive applications, and so forth. Because too often we do that, sometimes we forget to make a backup or backup at any time if we consider important data is lost.And in this article, I summarize how to secure important data in the hard disk.Easy to Learn, just check below.

How Easy Securing Data On Computer Hard Drive

1. Using External HDD
We can make use of external storage media like external hard drive or flash drive to copy important data in the main hard drive. For you are using a flash, it is advisable to use in particular. In the sense for backup critical data is relatively small, because the flash has a shorter lifespan than the external hard drive.

2. Using Cloud Storage / Cloud Computer / Online Storage
Now very much available online storage or cloud storage, either free or paid. Use of online storage to store your important data or just backup.It's easy if you want to take the data just download it anywhere and anytime.

3. Enabling System Restore
Use System Restore before installing the software is vulnerable to the OS. Installing such software is not recommended but sometimes there just are desperate to do so if the damage is serious enough, the user cannot handle it and was forced to re-install the data to be lost.

4. Use the Backup and Restore feature
Use Backup and Restore feature. The data you will be guaranteed during the backup files are not lost. Using System Image Backup is a great way to cope with the loss of data, but the large size of files backed up that often makes one's thinking when going to use this feature.

5. Using the Additional Applications
Using third-party applications such as Comodo Time Machine (free applications that have features such as System Restore) or similar applications. However, there is one of the shortcomings in the application that the application sometimes makes us faster hard drive is full and working harder than ever. So the possibility of very large hard drive easily damaged.

6. Install Antivirus
Use Antivirus, due to participate in keeping important data on the hard drive to be safe from damage caused by viruses. So make sure that you diligently update your computer and data safe from virus attacks. You can use a free antivirus default Windows that Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender.

That's 6 ways that you can do to secure important data in the hard disk. In this way you will avoid damage and loss of important data that you have.
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